Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas

I just came back from my trip to Punta Fuego (which means “point of fire”), located in Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s basically a gated residential beach community, home to Spanish-Mediterranean-inspired villas, beach and country clubs, and a golf course.

We stayed at the Peninsula de Punta Fuego, which is described in the official website as an “88-hectare world-class residential beach resort” developed by Landco┬áPacific Corporation and Roxaco Land Corporation.

My family came for what they described as “fine white sand and pristine clear waters”, but luck wasn’t with us because well, the rainy season has already hit the Philippines. Boo! So much for fun in the sun. :( But we didn’t let a little rain trample on our trip!

Sharing with you a few photos from my fun weekend. :)

Peninsula de Punta Fuego’s infinity pools!! :)

Our home for three days.

So many pretty textures spread out across the hotel.

So much food, too.

But we did more than just eat. We took photos. Lots of them.

Rode bikes around the area.

Admired the beautiful view.

Witnessed nature’s beauty.

And enjoyed each other’s company. :)

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16 thoughts on “Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas

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  2. Hi sandie, as what i have read, this is an exclusively Beach resort for members and residents of PF, is it Open for Public na ba or Need to be a member? how much the cost per night of your Rented House? ‘m planning to spend Vacation in Punta with my Family and would like to know kung open na for public and the cost of haus per night. Tanks alot

  3. hi sandie, I was curious on the house that you stayed at Punta Fuego, it looks beautiful abd cozy. I was trying to look for a place to rent there, though I was not a member. It was my 2 year old son’s birthday so I would like to know if we could access the place even we are not members? Appreciate your help
    . Thanks!

  4. Hi Sandie,
    Punta Fuego seems to be the perfect place to visit if you don’t wanna be too far away from Manila. My boyfriend is visiting the Philippines next month, and I would like to take him to Punta Fuego. I heard it’s a members-only resort, or is it already open to the public? I’d truly appreciate your help. Thanks

  5. Hi Sandie

    I love your description and the photos you posted. Yes, I’m so jealous and would love to go there with my family. Like the others, I thought too that its for members only! How did you book that villa house?
    Is December a good time to go?

    • Hi Theresa, thanks! :) Oh we left the booking to my mom so am not familiar with the specifics. But we did stay at Club Punta Fuego and their casitas are very much open to the public. I would recommend though that you go during the summer so you can appreciate the sun, sea and sand more! :)

  6. Hi dear! I read ur blog about punta fuego.. I would like to visit sana kso im not a member. Could you pls email me some details bout ur trip there .. tnx! Appreciate it! ;)

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