Friday Food Trip: Burger Bar

Check out today’s food trip: Burger Bar, brought to us by The Moment Group, a.k.a. the people behind Cue Modern Barbecue.

(Speaking of which, I have been hearing not-so-nice things about Cue, which is why despite my frequent visits to Bonifacio High Street Central, I haven’t been making an effort to drop by.)

Burger Bar is among the many restaurants in the Greenbelt 2 lineup (the side facing Greenbelt 1/5). It’s near places like Bizu, Cyma, Italliani’s, Ma Maison. It shares resto space with Filipino restaurant Nam Nam (I’m not sure if this opened already) so you would have to brave a flight of stairs to get to the place.

What's Your Beef

This cute sign makes up the cover page of the restaurant’s table top menus. You know, the ones containing new/ featured dishes that aren’t on the actual menu.


Burger Bar’s interiors are steely, from the low and exposed ceiling to the untiled floor to the open kitchen. The place, however, is accentuated with pops of color here and there, as seen in its metal chairs and lighted mural on one side of the place.


Their Skinny Fries (Php99) were quite good with the burger. Perfectly salted and served to us crisp and golden.


Their Holiday Salad (Php245) is my new favorite! I loved everything on this: sesame seeds, croutons, greens, bits of chicken, STRAWBERRIES. Strawberries!

Burger 1

Burger Bar’s patties come in four variations:

  • House Blend – Secret Mix!!
  • The Beef Bomb – Chuck + Short Rib
  • The Big Game – Hanger + Brisket
  • The Steak Cut – Chuck + Sirloin

We got their Cheeseburger (Php195) – very good, juicy, flavorful burger. Amazing mix of flavors (I liked the salty + sweet combo). Quite possibly one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while.

Note: I am not a burger person. My idea of a good burger is Burger McDo (i.e. nothing fancy, just a burger comprised of buns, a beef patty, and a special sauce). But Burger Bar’s, I loved.

Burger 2

Here’s a closer look at the patty smothered in cheese. Yummy! Burger Bar prove they do burgers well.


Finished off diner with a jar of Molten Chocolate (Php135). I lovedd every bit of this dessert, save for the whipped cream. (I don’t like whipped cream and not only ’cause it makes me fat.) This was mostly made up of a chocolatey cake wrapped in rich chocolate fudge, and topped with cream, syrup, and nuts. Its sweetness level was perfect, too — it wasn’t overpowering; it wasn’t barely there. It was divine!!!

Might be good to split this with a friend though as the chocolate can run a bit heavy on the stomach. A must try for chocolate lovers like myself!

Taste – 5/5 | Ambience – 4/5 |Variety – 4/5 | Service – 4.5/5 | Pricing – 4/5 | Would Go Back? – Yes

Burger Bar | Greenbelt 2, Makati City

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