Friday Food Trip: Village Tavern

I’ve been to Village Tavern thrice in just two months. Now, before you judge (hahaha), please know that Village Tavern just happens to be one of my happy places in Bonifacio Global City. I love their food!

Anyway, given the disclaimer (not that you asked for it, but I can’t help explain myself), I decided to consolidate all my Village Tavern food photos into this single entry. Please scroll down to read about my food adventure!


I was going to take a photo of the place, but Josh readily posed for the camera, so. Haha. The restaurant has a very homey, relaxed feel, so of the times I dined there, it was almost always populated by families (of all sizes). Later on in the night though, especially on Fridays, the crowd turns into a mix of young professionals who feast over good drinks. (My friends and I especially love their sangria–both white and red!) My dad also says the place reminds him of pubs he’s visited in Chicago.


I forgot what this salad is called. Bad memory + rusty research skills = me naming the salad on my own. Haha!! I will just call this… the Pear and Walnut Salad (Php300+) because that’s essentially what it is. Mom and I split this  — and thank God we did — because the serving size’s huge. I loved the contrast of the caramelized nuts and the slightly sour greens.

photo 2

The Thai Chicken Salad (Php425) is my favorite Village Tavern dish. It’s a lot like California Pizza Kitchen’s version (which is quite possibly the best).


My family loved their Homemade Jalapeno Poppers (Php290) – another new dish in Village Tavern. I was told that these were exceptionally spicy, so I didn’t bother try. (I don’t like spicy food.) If you like spicy though, then this dish might be worth a shot!


I did have a bite of their Fully Loaded Sweet Potato Skins (Php240) though. Lovely sweet potato topped with tomatoes and cheese. You can consume the potatoes all the way to the skins part, but I chose not to. Once the dish cools, the skins become tough to chew.


Jae ordered Fish and Chips (Php495), his favorite. Village Tavern’s take on the dish though, he didn’t love so much. I mean, look at the serving size. Plus, it was very ordinary, so for its price, this dish was a rip off.


I had a piece to bite of the Cowboy Burger (Php595) twice: once with family, once with friends, and cooked medium well on both occasions. It was satisfactory, but not the type of burger I would keep coming back to. Price and serving size issues aside, the burger was nothing outstanding.


Here we have their Texas Baby Back Ribs (Php1,195 for a full rack, Php650 for a half rack). My dad got the half slab, which came with a tangy, flavorful sauce and a side salad. He really liked this, but hoped it would’ve been priced cheaper. (Here’s a cheaper alternative: ribs from Rub Ribs & BBQ.)


My family shared a Cheese Pizza (Php400+), which we found to be all right. Everyday cheese pizza that you can get just about anywhere else and at a cheaper price.

photo 3

Their Gruyere and Applewood Smoked Bacon (Php495), however, is worth the spend. Very delicious cheese + bacon combo on whole wheat bread. I cannot get over this; it was to die for!

For dessert, why don’t you try their St. Barths Chocolate Torte (Php395)? I don’t have a photo of it, so just picture this: a rich chocolate cake drizzled with fudge, and served with a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream. I liked that the chocolate cake wasn’t too sweet, so the vanilla ice cream was a welcome accompaniment.

Click on the link below to view Village Tavern’s menu. It isn’t the most updated, but it’ll give you an overview of what to expect.

Taste – 4/5 | Ambience – 4/5 |Variety – 4.5/5 | Service – 4.5/5 | Pricing – 3/5 | Would Go Back? – Yes

Village Tavern | 2F Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City

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