Nail Files: Something New

I went out to get a professional manicure today — something I haven’t done in a really long time! Good thing mom was also in the mood for some pamper time this weekend so off we went to get our fix of the usual spa services: massage for her, mani-pedi for me.

I brought my own polish because, well, I have quite a lot of bottles that need some using. (Hoarder mode.) This week, I wanted to try out a nail technique that I’ve been seeing all over Instagram recently. It’s been a “thing” for years now though, most notably seen in this YSL nail lacquer campaign. So much pretty!


Before my trip to the spa, I did a bit of research on what other people are doing, see if I could get ideas. Oddly enough, one of the image results looks a lot like mine: pale pink/ lilac base, violet tips. I think she used Essie nail paint though, while I used the following:


  • OPI Care to Danse? from the New York Ballet Collection
  • OPI Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? from the Holland Collection

I’ve had these babies for quite a while now, and I’m so happy I got to take them out on a spin today. I used Care to Danse? as the base, and Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI for the tips.


Sorry about the really awkward photo hahahaha. It’s such a struggle having to hold two bottles.

Anyway, Care to Danse?’s formulation is really, really watery. It took about four to five coats to achieve the pretty pale pink/ lilac. The first two coats were milky, almost like a top coat gone wrong. If you have the same shade, bear with it a little and apply some more color once each coat has completely dried. Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI, meanwhile, is watery, still, but the color spreads out almost immediately. It’s glittery, too, but only when you look closely will the glitters make an appearance; otherwise, the polish just comes off as a normal, everyday creme violet shade. Pretty still!


Here’s a closer look at my nails! What do you think? The two polishes would look amazing when used separately, but I thought, why not use both at the same time?

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